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About Measure K 

Voters first approved Measure K in 1990 for a 20-year period. Their trust was rewarded by more than $735 million in transportation improvements in San Joaquin County. After experiencing the success and progress of Measure K, nearly 78% of San Joaquin voters renewed the sales tax in November 2006 for an additional 30 years. 

By the year 2041, Measure K is estimated to deliver an additional $2.552 billion worth of transportation improvements to the region. Major improvements target San Joaquin County freeways, streets and roads, public transit networks, pedestrian, and bicycle friendly programs. It will protect and enhance our transportation system today and well into the future. 

How does a voter-improved sales tax help your community?  

As a 'self-help county' San Joaquin is able to deliver the priority transportation projects residents depend on every day. Watch this short video explains how San Joaquin and other self-help counties across California are able to improve transportation with the mission of "Promises Made, Promises Kept."
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