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Vintage AndyThis marks thirty years since the voters of San Joaquin County originally passed Measure K and a host of transportation projects that have been delivered and improved upon. With Measure K the region has widened I-5 through Stockton and Highway 99 from Hammer Lane south to the county line.  The region has added the Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) and built transit hubs in Stockton, Tracy, Lodi and Manteca.  The region has invested a third of the proceeds in fixing potholes, adding traffic signals, and improving sidewalks and bike paths.  The region has built railroad crossing bridges on Eight Mile Road, Lathrop Road, Harney Lane, Hammer Lane, March Lane, and Lower Sacramento Road.  And these are only a partial list of the transportation enhancements that have been added to the region.

And we are not done.   I-205 will be widened again.  The backup on Route 120 where it connects to Highway 99 will see a big improvement to the interchange.  A new community feature will be added in Lodi where Turner Road meets Highway 99.  The San Joaquin Regional Transit District will continue to lead the nation in bringing zero emission buses to the streets and roads of our region.  ACE is expanding to Sacramento and Modesto.

 COVID-19 has been a challenge.  But it is not beating us.  We are thinking of a post COVID-19 transportation future.  Connecting San Joaquin County to BART.  Work from home opportunities.  Bicycle paths for our children and our adults.  Making San Joaquin County streets the envy of the Valley.   Adapting public transit to be more demand responsive to its customers.  

San Joaquin County remains the linchpin in California’s connection between the Bay Area and Central Valley.  We continue to be among the leading counties in population and job growth.  We are ground zero in the changing nature of retail and distribution of goods and services.  San Joaquin County is coming to be synonymous with innovation.  And Measure K is helping to make it happen.

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