San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD)

SJRTDThe San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) is the regional
transit service provider for San Joaquin County providing
intercity, interregional, and rural transit services. During this
fiscal year, the Measure K program provided funding for RTD’s
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Express, Intercity/County Hopper,
Van Go! On-Demand and Commuter services, bike racks, and a Stockton Bike Share Study.  

The COVID-19 pandemic reduced ridership for all transit operators.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Express 

RTD operates five Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Express routes that provide fast, frequent and reliable
service throughout Stockton. RTD launched the service in 2007 and saw extraordinary growth in
ridership. Routes now cover the Pacific, Hammer, Airport, Midtown and Martin Luther King
corridors. Amenities for the service include dedicated transit stations, off-board fare collection, 
and hybrid and all-electric buses. In Fiscal Year 2020-21, more than 1.04 million passengers
boarded the service, making up 70% of RTD’s overall ridership.

BRT Express 2

Intercity and County Hopper Service

RTD’s Intercity and County Hopper service provides critical connections between the urban and
rural areas of the county. RTD operates an Intercity route from Stockton to Lodi as well as County
Hopper routes connecting Stockton to jurisdictions throughout the county. With an advanced
reservation, the County Hopper will provide door-to-door service by deviating up-to one-mile
from the route in rural areas. In Fiscal Year 2020-21, RTD provided 47,808 Intercity and County
Hopper passenger trips.

Hopper 2

Commuter Service 

RTD’s Commuter service connects San Joaquin County workers to Sacramento and Bay Area
employment centers. The service provides a cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly
mode of travel for San Joaquin residents. In Fiscal Year 2020-21, RTD provided 32,625 passenger
trips on its Commuter service.

Commuter 2 (2)

Van Go! On-Demand Service

RTD’s Van Go! provides On-Demand service to rural and unincorporated areas that are not
served by RTD’s fixed routes. Trips on this accessible and flexible service can be booked via the
Van Go! mobile application. In Fiscal Year 2020-21, Van Go! provided 16,078 passenger trips.

Van Go! 1

New Bicycle Racks

Often a transit rider’s trip isn’t complete when they’ve stepped off the bus. They still need to get to
home, jobs, school or other destinations, so using a bicycle can be a convenient way to complete
a trip. Measure K funds are making it easier for RTD riders to close those gaps in their trips. By
late 2020, RTD bought and installed 157 bike racks, including 122 three-position bike racks for
buses; five luggage bay racks for commuter buses; and 30 bike racks for Downtown Transit Center
and Union Transfer Station. RTD is moving ahead with design modifications to add 20 bike racks
to the Van Go! bus fleet for a total of 177 new bike racks.

Post Construction - 3 Position Bike Rack (3) (002)