Congestion Relief

State Route 99/120 Connector Project - Manteca

Motorists will be able to travel in and through San Joaquin County more safely and smoothly by rebuilding the State Route 
99/120 interchange in Manteca. The Caltrans project will ease traffic congestion, improve traffic flow, and greatly improve 
traffic safety. The improvements will come in three phases and is one of several priority projects to greatly improve travel and 
safety along the  SR 99 corridor. The project is currently in the design phase and Phase 1A construction is targeted to begin in  
the fall 2023. Once complete, Phase 1B could begin in late 2025 followed by Phase 1C in 2030.

SR 99_120 Connector map

State Route 99/Turner Road Interchange - Lodi

The State Route 99 and Turner Road interchange project will make it safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and divert 
traffic away from residential neighborhoods and past an elementary school. The current configuration forces motorists to take 
longer, indirect routes adding to vehicle miles traveled. The project would improve the local circulation through this area by 
converting the portion of North Cherokee Lane between Pioneer Drive and the Turner Road loop-ramp from a one-way street to 
allowing two-way traffic. A roundabout would be installed at the SR 99 off-ramp/Turner Road loop ramp intersection to control 
traffic. The project will lower vehicle miles traveled, lower vehicle emissions, encourage active transportation, such as cycling 
and walking, and improve air quality in the area. Groundbreaking for this project was in November 2022 and construction is   
expected to be completed by fall 2024.

99-Turner 199-Turner 3

99-Turner 2

French Camp Road/Interstate 5 Interchange Improvement Project - Stockton

The completed French Camp Road/Interstate 5 Interchange Improvement Project will reduce traffic congestion, enhance traffic 
safety, reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality in South Stockton. Motorists will notice improved traffic flow due to the 
reconstructed interchange to accommodate anticipated traffic demand and new auxiliary lanes between the interchange and the 
next interchange to the north at Downy Avenue. Motorists will also notice improved regional east-west traffic circulation in South 
Stockton between I-5 and State Route 99, improving traffic flow and goods movement between I-5 SR 99, the Port of Stockton, 
the BNSF Intermodal Facility, and theStockton Metropolitan Airport. The improvements also provide an alternative route for 
freight movement, reducing truck traffic outside of truck routes. The improvements will also ease truck traffic on State Route 4
in Stockton and the State Route 120 Bypass in Manteca by providing a new east-west crossing between I-5 and SR 99.

I5 French Camp

Pershing Avenue Improvements - San Joaquin County

Pershing Avenue wideningSan Joaquin County began construction this year on much-anticipated 
improvements to Pershing Avenue from Meadow Avenue to Thornton Road 
that will improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. The 
Pershing Avenue Improvements Project, funded by the Measure K half-cent 
sales tax, will widen Pershing Avenue to include a two-way left turn lane, 
sidewalk improvements, and buffered bicycle lanes south of Hammer Lane. 
The project compliments recent improvements to Hammer Lane and 
Thornton Road by the city of Stockton and support the county’s effort to 
improve safety and provide more active transportation options for county 

Pershing Avenue_2_SJC image

Pershing Avenue_1_SJC image (002)Pershing Avenue_3_SJC image