Three-County Travel Demand Model Enhancements Project

The Three-County Travel Demand Model covers Merced County, San Joaquin County, and Stanislaus County. MCAG and SJCOG will be using the model as part of their 2022 RTP/SCS development. The project updates the Three-County Travel Demand Model by: 

  • Adding new regional transit options and updating interregional bus transit routes; 
  • Enhancing the Model’s sensitivity to future investments in public transit, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, transit-oriented development; 
  • Updating the model to account for introduction of autonomous vehicles; and 
  • Other enhancements not yet reflected on this list. 

The project aims to provide more accurate analyses in demonstrating the benefits of investments in air quality conformity and meeting state greenhouse gas reduction targets. 

Final Work Products
Documentation of updates made to the Three-County Model tentative January 2021 Three-County Model Calibration and Validation Report tentative December 2021 

For questions please contact Project Lead Kim Kloeb at