Public Health Impact Analysis

SJCOG will continue its incorporation of public health into its SCS implementation by developing health related performance metrics through its Envision Tomorrow software platform. The scope of work will include a health module to measure obesity, physical activity levels, general good health, and disease incidence reduction through land use and transportation planning integration for SJCOG’s 2018 SCS for both regional populations and communities of concern. Additionally, SJCOG will incorporate training of staff on use of the model and interpretation of results in the context of SCS scenario development.

Final Work Products

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Physical Activity Health Outcome Update 
  3. South Stockton Promise Zone Sub-Area Analysis 
    1. Subarea Analysis South Stockton Scenario Development
  4. Active Transportation Investment Guidance

Questions? Please contact Christine Corrales at or (209) 235-0128. Appendix N Figure 6