Transit Planning

As part of its metropolitan transportation planning activities, SJCOG works with transit operators, the region’s transportation planning agencies, and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to develop goals, objectives, plans, and policies to provide effective and sustainable transit options for the region. 

Formal relationships and interactions between the transit agencies are governed by a set of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), describing each party’s roles and responsibilities in carrying out and supporting the metropolitan planning and programming processes.  These MOUs were executed pursuant to 23 CFR 450.310(b).

Transit Operations

Transit operations in San Joaquin County include:

Projects & Programs

Transit-related projects and programs led by SJCOG include:

Transit-related projects and programs led by partners include:


Funding for transit operations come primarily from Federal Transit Administration grant programs, State Transportation Development Act (TDA), State Transit Assistance, and Measure K. The following FTA grant programs are currently active: