Strategically Investing in Public Transportation

RTSP Cover_sm.jpgThe San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG), in its role as the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), is responsible for long range transit planning in the San Joaquin Region. The bus/rail transit operators in the county are as follows: 
» San Joaquin Regional Transit District,
» San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission, and
» The cities of Escalon, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, and Tracy

In collaboration with these operators, SJCOG has prepared the Regional Transit Systems Plan (RTSP). The RTSP is a long-range transit plan that looks at bus and rail transit needs, their related costs, and details a financial forecast of anticipated funding through year 2024.

Chapter A. Introduction:

This chapter provides an overview of the Plan, the regional geographic setting, and a description of the bus and rail transit agencies in San Joaquin County. This chapter also articulates the regional transit vision.

Chapter B. The Regional Transit System Network:

This chapter showcases one of the unique features of the Systems Plan. It articulates the “point of view” from the individual transit operators in the San Joaquin region. The operators provided data on existing transit performance, projected transit costs, and their own financial analysis on how to fund the proposed transit system.

Chapter C. The Regional Funding Future:

SJCOG provides a revenue projection to ascertain how much, from a regional perspective of state and federal funds anticipated to be available through 2024, will be available to finance the regional transit vision. The financial analysis relies on historical patterns of funding, assumptions about future conditions, and preliminary assumptions about how some discretionary revenues will be allocated.

Chapter D. Courses of Action:

This chapter describes the need to look at innovative strategies, emerging technologies, and to identify key stakeholders essential to working on solutions. It identifies six “areas of action” and specific strategies to jumpstart and guide informed decisions on the delivery of the regional transit vision in the coming months and years to come.

Chapter E. Next Steps Following Public Comment on the Plan:

This chapter provides an overview of the public comment process, results, and outlines immediate next steps following plan adoption by the SJCOG Board.