Regional Transportation Impact Fee (RTIF)

RTIF Map Opens in new windowThe Regional Transportation Impact Fee (RTIF) is a county-wide, multi-jurisdiction capital improvement funding program intended to cover a portion of the costs for new transportation facilities required to serve new development within the County.

The substantial population and employment growth- expected in San Joaquin County over the next 20 years could have impacts on the regional transportation network, including increased congestion. The regional transportation impact fee program is intended to provide funding for transportation and transit improvements that help mitigate these impacts.

New development throughout the county is subject to the fee. The funding derived from the RTIF program is used in combination with other funding available to complete the needed transportation and transit improvements. In addition, the RTIF Annual Report details development activity (building permits), fee collections, and expenditures for the program over the previous fiscal year.

RTIF Update
The SJCOG Board of Directors adopted a comprehensive five-year update of the RTIF Program per the requirements of the Mitigation Fee Act (MFA) in April, 2017. The 2017 RTIF Update (Amended 2018) includes the addition of Jobs Balancing Investment Fund (adopted April 2015), a revised nexus analysis based on updated assumptions for growth and transportation impacts, and a revised Capital Project List.

SJCOG continues to coordinate with member agencies regarding project commitments, expenditures, and fund balances through the Semi-Annual and Annual Report processes. The next Annual Report is scheduled for fall 2023.

  1. Annual Programmatic Fee Adjustment
  2. Who manages the RTIF?
  3. Who pays the RTIF?
  4. How much revenue is generated?
  5. What projects are funded?

Annual RTIF Programmatic Fee Adjustment FY 2022-2023

Land Use Type FY 22/23 RTIF StructureAnnual Change @ 9.56%FY 23/24 RTIF Structure
Residential (single-family DUE)$4,053.26$387.49$4,440.75
Residential (multi-family DUE)$2,431.95$232.49$2,664.44
Retail (sq. ft.) $1.61$0.15$1.76
Office (sq. ft.) $2.03$0.19$2.22
Commercial/Industrial (sq. ft.)$1.23$0.12$1.35
Warehouse (sq. ft.) $0.50$0.05$0.55
*Other (per trip) $124.99$11.95$136.94
*Alternative fee calculation method for non-retail, non-residential development projects not otherwise adequately represented in the six land-use categories; typically projects with minimal or no building area that would nonetheless generate impacts to the transportation network. Examples include mining, intermodal, and recreational facilities.