Accounting & Financial Procedures

The Financial Management and Accounting Procedures Manual is intended to be a guide to the fiscal procedures of the San Joaquin Council of Governments (Council). The manual will serve both the management and the accounting staff to maintain good internal accounting and administrative controls, assist in the expected flow of accounting documentation and to establish a uniform and systematic accumulation of information and statistical data necessary to fulfill the financial and accounting requirements of the Council. 

Note some key changes to the most recent update:

  • Increased award limits for SJCOG will proactively position the agency for the future. Executive Director approval would be required for all purchases less than $100,000; Board approval would be required for all purchases more than $100,000. Internal controls would be maintained to deter any fraud or misuse.
  • Positioning SJCOG to take advantage of automation advances (i.e. cloud-based systems) as they apply to vendor registration, advertising, and submittal of formal bids.
  • Requiring three attempts to obtain bids from qualified vendors for bids between $10,000 and $100,000.
  • Adding enabling language to participate in Public Procurement Cooperative Consortiums.
  • Numerous “clean-ups” or clarifications within the procedures.