One VoiceSan Joaquin One Voice® is SJCOG’s legislative program for San Joaquin County promoting issues of regional significance to federal legislators and agencies typically through an annual trip to Washington, D.C. The purpose of the program is to advocate for increased funding and/or new or amended legislation for issues and projects of regional significance to the San Joaquin region.

Staff proposes virtual meetings to be held on May 12, May 13 and another one in June (date(s) still to be determined), and in person meetings from October 18-21.

A pre-trip meeting was held on May 5 at 10:00 AM. Follow the link to view the agenda material.

View the itinerary and presentation from May's virtual One Voice meetings.

The SJCOG Board adopted the legislative themes at the February 25th Board meeting. These themes are: Environmental Sustainability, Trade Corridors, Innovation and Technology, Growth Management, Social Equity and Mobility Federal Funding Support and MPO Reform, and Emergency Response and Recovery: COVID-19 and Beyond.

SJCOG solicited for project requests for the 2021 San Joaquin One Voice® program that were due March 15. Staff reviewed the projects in accordance to the legislative themes and submitted for approval at the April 22 SJCOG Board meeting. The approved projects are available to view here.

We hope that everyone is staying safe and well during this time. We appreciate your understanding as these events unfold.

Photos of May's Virtual One Voice Meetings

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  1. One Voice Approach
  2. Successes
  3. Registration
  4. 2020 Regional  Projects
The One Voice® approach is positively recognized and viewed as a means of helping our elected federal representatives to prioritize and shepherd needed projects and programs crucial to improving infrastructure and transportation choices in San Joaquin County through the federal budget process. For the 2021 One Voice program, staff is recommending that projects be aligned based on thematic concepts:

  • Environmental Sustainability - projects whose core features improve air quality, reduce vehicle miles traveled, and are responsive to climate change/resiliency goals.
  • Trade Corridors - projects which foster goods movement, commerce, or enhance/eliminate barriers to trade.
  • Innovation and Technology - strategies/projects that capture cutting edge technology investments.
  • Growth Management - projects which strengthen connections to housing and have strong, direct connectivity to economic development.
  • Social Equity and Mobility - investments that provide options for disadvantaged communities.
Our efforts are positively recognized at the federal level and we have been encouraged to continue our collaborative approach and build upon the relationships and communications established with our federal representatives. 

Although Congress stopped earmarking funds in 2010, the federal government still distributes hundreds of billions of dollars through formula and discretionary programs. The San Joaquin One Voice® group takes this opportunity to receive counsel from legislators, legislative staff and the administration about the various federal programs and teach us how we can successfully compete in the grant process.