San Joaquin One Voice®


San Joaquin One Voice® is SJCOG’s advocacy program for San Joaquin County promoting projects, programs and issues of regional significance to federal legislators and agencies, typically through an annual trip to Washington, D.C. The purpose of One Voice® is to advocate for new or increased funding and legislation for issues and projects of regional significance to the San Joaquin region. 

The goal was, and remains, to assemble a public-private delegation, select prioritized projects, and then visit Congressional and Federal departmental representatives in Washington, D.C. to pursue funding and grant opportunities.

Building on the broad-based, public-private coalition SJCOG assembled, Congressional representatives and their staff have welcomed and encouraged the One Voice® communications as a means of assisting federal representatives identify, prioritize and shepherd much-needed projects and programs through the federal budgetary process.

2024 One Voice®

The annual One Voice® trip to Washington, DC, is scheduled for May 6-9, 2024. The One Voice® delegation will meet face-to-face with our federal lawmakers and officials to tell them where federal funding can be best spent on regionally significant projects. More details to come soon.

Project Submissions

Nine projects were submitted in accordance with the legislative themes, which was approved at the SJCOG Board meeting in February 2024. View the 2024 One Voice® Project Summaries.

  1. Vehicle Replacement Project (SJRTD/UCP)
  2. Interstate 580/Corral Hollow Road Interchange Project (Tracy)
  3. Interstate 5/Louise Avenue Interchange Project (Lathrop)
  4. Energy Center Hydrogen Conversion Project (Lodi)
  5. State Route 120/Airport Way Diverging Diamond Interchange Project (Manteca)
  6. Grant Line Road Corridor Improvement Project (San Joaquin County)
  7. North Lathrop Transfer Station Project (SJRRC)
  8. Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard Rail and Roadway Reconstruction Project (Stockton)
  9. State Route 99/State Route 120 Interchange, Phase B (SJCOG)


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As a sponsor, you will be recognized in various ways and be part of a team to make a difference in the San Joaquin region. It’s easy to sign-up and we will be sure to let you know how your support helped the mission. View the sponsorship package.

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The One Voice® approach is positively recognized and viewed as a means of helping our elected federal representatives to prioritize and shepherd needed projects and programs crucial to improving infrastructure and transportation choices in San Joaquin County through the federal budget process.

Our efforts are positively recognized at the federal level and we have been encouraged to continue our collaborative approach and build upon the relationships and communications established with our federal representatives. 

With the return for "earmarks", Congress has the opportunity to augment infrastructure authorizations with discretionary appropriations benefiting specific regions while
 the federal government still distributes hundreds of billions of dollars through formula and grant programs. The San Joaquin One Voice® delegation takes this opportunity to receive counsel from legislators, legislative staff and the administration about the various federal programs and guide us on how we can successfully compete in the grant process.