RTP/SCS Community Outreach Mini-Grant Program

Envision 2050 bannerIn 2018, SJCOG partnered with community-based organizations for the first time to gather public input for the Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS). The community-based organizations, or mini grantees, receive grants to assist SJCOG in reaching historically underserved and underrepresented communities throughout the region through conducting outreach activities such as surveys, workshops, webinars, pop up events and other methods. The mini-grantees collaborate with SJCOG staff to identify transportation needs in communities of color, low income communities, and other transportation disadvantaged communities.

2022 mini-grantees include:

  • Grassroots Childcare Cooperative
  • Central California Youth Academy Stockton
  • Stockton Baptist Church
  • Little Manila Rising
  • New Genesis Housing Development
  • Public Health Advocates