Valley Air Grants


The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (Air District) develops and administers a comprehensive suite of voluntary incentive programs targeted at reducing harmful emissions throughout the San Joaquin Valley.  These innovative programs provide an opportunity for Valley residents, businesses, public agencies and other organizations to get involved and make a positive impact on the Valley’s air quality.  The Air District is constantly updating existing programs and developing new programs as newer, cleaner technologies emerge.

Air District funds can be used to fund new projects, or to replace your local contributions on federally funded projects.  As such, SJCOG staff would like to highlight programs available to public agencies:

 Program  Description  Useful Links  
Charge Up! Funds the installation of new level 2 & 3 electric vehicle chargers
1-page summary Air District Info
Bike Paths Funds new, non-recreational bikeway projects (paths, lanes, routes) that improve rider safety
1-page summary Air District Info
Alternative Fuel Mechanic Training Funding for the education or training in the mechanics, operational safety, and maintenance of alternative fuel vehicle technology and infrastructure 1-page summary Air District Info
Electric School Bus Incentive Program Funds new electric bus replacements for public school districts, joint power authorities, and privately-owned buses in order to reduce emissions from filtered diesel engines 1-page summary Air District Info
E-Mobility Funds telecommunication and electronic services that replace vehicle travel to public sites for conferencing, document transactions, general information, work functions, etc. 1-page summary Air District Info
New Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Purchase Funds the purchase of new alternative-fuel vehicles (14,000 lbs. or less) such as electric and plug-in hybrid for public agencies 1-page summary
Air District Info
Heavy Duty Waste Haulers Funds the replacement of heavy-duty waste transport trucks (1996-2003, 26,001 lbs. or more) with 2001 or newer model year trucks that meet or exceed emission standards 1-page summary  Air District Info
Public Transportation Subsidy / Park-&-Ride Subsidizes new riders to public transportation and encourages the development of parking facilities that incorporate access or connect commuters to alternative transportation 1-page summary
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Community Improvement Projects that Reduce Vehicle Use Match funding that enhances grant applications for land use and community development projects that enhance walkability and increase use of low-emission transport options 1-page summary
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