Stockton Transit and Mobility Incentives

Mobility Collective StockThe Stockton Transit and Mobility Incentives pilot program is part of the Stockton Mobility Collective (SMC) project funded through the California Air Resources Board Sustainable Transportation Equity Project (STEP), and is administered by the San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG).

Through this program, qualified applicants will receive a prepaid debit card that can be used for transit services only, such as passes or trips for fixed-route transit, carsharing and bikesharing. This program is designed to provide people in need living in the Stockton project area with flexible transportation options and to encourage the use of alternative transportation options.

Eligible Expenses

Currently, Transit and Mobility Incentives can be used to pay for the following services listed below. These can be accessed and purchased directly or through the Vamos Mobility app.

Incentive Allocation

Prepaid cards will be loaded with an initial value of $300, and funds will be refilled every 3 months (up to a maximum value of $300) up to September 2024. As this is a pilot program, participation is limited. Allocations and duration are subject to change based on funding availability and SJCOG reserves the right to adjust if necessary.  

A maximum of one card per household will be issued.

Eligibility Requirements and Proof of Eligibility

1. Eligible participants must live in the project area as depicted by red outline on Table 1.

Table 1: Stockton Eligibility AreaStockton Mobility Collective Boundaries 8-4-21

2. Participants must meet income eligibility requirements based on incomes depicted in Table 2. Income limits found in the table below can also be found at:

Table 2: Income Eligibility

If your household contains this many people Your annual household income must be equal to or less than this to qualify
1 $46,350
2 $53,000
3 $59,600
4 $66,200
5 $71,500
6 $76,800
7 $82,100
8 $87,400

Disclaimer: SJCOG reserves the right to request proof of eligibility if needed to confirm participant lives in the project area and income falls within the eligible levels.