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Miocar Opens in new windowMíocar is a revolutionary 100% electric vehicle (EV) nonprofit carsharing service now serving the San Joaquin Valley and will manage Stockton Mobility Collective carsharing service. Míocar is available to anyone 21 years old or older with a valid driver’s license, relatively clean driving record, and a valid credit, debit or bank card. 

Míocar is Hiring!

Looking for an opportunity in the San Joaquin Valley? Míocar, a partner in the SJCOG's Stockton Mobiliy Collective, is hiring! There are two open positions. Both positions are expected to start in July 2022. Please refer to the links below to view the job descriptions.

  1. Carsharing Fleet Service Associate
  2. Member Services & Partnerships Coordinator

If you have any questions about the open positions, please contact Gloria Huerta at

Become a Committee Advisor

Become a Stockton Mobility Collective Resident Committee Advisor and provide feedback on project design and implementation, and participate in project outreach. Learn more about the roleApply for the role.

When will the cars be ready for use? 

We launched the Stockton Mobility Collective in May 2021 and hope to finalize partnerships and locations for the charging stations by May 2022. Residents should be able to rent cars beginning in fall 2022.

How many cars will there be?  

The carsharing program will have 30 electric vehicles at approximately six or seven stations centered in Downtown Stockton along major north-south transportation corridors connecting city residents to services, resources, shopping, schools and jobs.

Where will the cars be?

The area for the Stockton Mobility Collective includes a significant portion of Stockton, centered in Downtown Stockton and including major north-south transportation corridors connecting residents across the city to services, resources, shopping, schools and jobs. Stations primarily will be located in historically underserved neighborhoods where mobility challenges are well documented and where there’s the greatest need. Because of that need, these are also neighborhoods with the greatest potential interest and participation in using the new services. We have identified some key locations that work well for a carsharing system and continue to seek out station hosting partnerships with the city of Stockton, public agencies, organizations, business owners and residents. If you're interested in becoming a station site host, contact Christine Tran, (209) 235-1095,

Project Partners

Mobility Development Partners LogoMobility Development Partners will serve as the carsharing project lead and oversee the launch and operations of the project. MDP supports the launch and growth of community-controlled mobility programs with work centered on the development, deployment, and operation of electric carshare, bikeshare, and volunteer transportation networks across the United States. These networks are often structured through public or local nonprofit ownership that allows MDP to focus on broadening service to communities that would otherwise go unserved.
Miocar LogoMíocar, a California nonprofit dedicated to affordable transportation in San Joaquin Valley, will serve as the operations lead to manage the carsharing service. Míocar was established in 2019 as part of a California Climate Investment Pilot program. It is available to anyone over 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license, relatively clean driving record, and a valid credit, debit or bank card. Members have access to a network of cars in communities throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

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  1. Christine Tran

    Christine Tran

    Assistant Regional Planner
    Phone: 209-235-1095