Proposed Policies and Strategies

The proposed policies and strategies of the 2022 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) will provide guidance for short-term and long-term implementation of the RTP/SCS. Proposed policies have been carried forward from the 2018 RTP/SCS and are consistent with Federal law requirements for Regional Transportation Plan policies. It is anticipated that these policies will continue to have widespread support among stakeholders and the general public of the San Joaquin County region.  

Graphic 4 - Proposed Policies

Strategies are more specific than policies and will seek to accomplish the overarching goals of the policies. Strategies provide more detailed guidance for actions that implement the RTP/SCS. In 2020, the SJCOG Board of Directors reviewed and approved the strategy pillars which are the issue focus areas for proposed 2022 RTP/SCS strategies. The following diagram shows the strategy pillars.

Strategy Pillars

Graphic 5 - Strategy Pillars

A list of proposed strategies that are related to the pillars was developed during the Scenario Planning process. Strategies will be selected for the RTP/SCS based on their public support and performance in possible future conditions in the San Joaquin region. A tool was used to determine strategy performance based on selected metrics. Please see the following list of proposed strategies which are organized by their relevant proposed policies.

Graphic 6 - Proposed Policies and Supportive Strategies