electric car charging stationSan Joaquin County Charging Stations

San Joaquin County's electric car infrastructure has grown in recent years. In fact, the county's abundance of charging stations be ahead of its electric vehicle popularity. According to the U.S. Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center, San Joaquin County only has 1–5 electric vehicles per 5 square miles (compared with 5–10 in Sacramento County). However, there are more than 30 public electric charging stations, seen here broken down by city or town:

City or Town
# of Public Stations

Alternative Fuel Sources

More public and private establishments are investing in electric vehicle charging stations and other alternative fueling sources, such as biodiesel  and ethanol. The number of alternative fueling stations has steadily increased in the past 8 years. With this charging station influx, it is more viable to own an electric vehicle in the coming years. This widget calculates potential electric vehicle savings.

Interactive Charging Station Map

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