Travel Time Travel Times to Work

Generally, those traveling less than 30 minutes are probably commuting within the county, while those traveling 30+ minutes are most likely out-of-county commuters. Driving 15 - 24 minutes is the most typical commute time. Recently, however, the percentage of people traveling for 90+ minutes to work has risen by 27% since 2015. Most recent data shows that over 24,000 people travel an hour and a half to work each day. Time increases could indicate heavier traffic congestion and increased total vehicle miles traveled within San Joaquin county.

This table indicates commute times for San Joaquin County residents in 2017 (U.S. Census Data, American Fact Finder).

 Time Intervals Number of People
 Less than 5 minutes 7,310
 5 to 14 minutes 67,029
 15 to 34 minutes120,584
 35 to 59 minutes29,218 
 60 to 89 minutes26,726 
 90 minutes or more24,221 

Commute Time Map

Commute Times San Joaquin CountyEmployed Residents' Average Commute Times
This map shows employed residents’ commute times by census tract. Darker colors show that employed residents in the county’s southwestern portion have higher average commute times than most other portions in the county. Countywide, the average time a worker spent commuting increased from 21.7 minutes in 1990 to more than 29 minutes in the most recent Census data – surpassing state and national averages over the same time period (
Regional Analyst, 2015).