Backup Listings for Grouped Projects

Title 23, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Section 450.216 (j) allows projects that are not considered to be of appropriate scale for individual identification in the FTIP to be grouped by function, work type, or geographic region using appropriate classifications under 23 CFR 771.117(c) and (d) and/or 40 CFR part 93. These projects are often referred to as Grouped Projects Listings or Lump Sum Projects Listings. SJCOG is required to maintain a detail list of the projects in each group.

Project Listing Date Last Updated Amendment Number
Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) 12/16/16 FTIP Adoption
Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) 1/25/17 Amendment #4
Highway Bridge Program Lump Sum 12/19/16 Amendment #1
Safe Routes to School (SRTS)
12/16/16 FTIP Adoption
SHOPP Emergency Response 1/19/17 Amendment #5
SHOPP Roadway Preservation 1/19/17 Amendment #5
SHOPP Collision Reduction 12/23/16 Amendment #3
SHOPP Mobility 12/16/16 FTIP Adoption
SHOPP Bridge Rehab and Reconstruction 12/23/16 Amendment #3
SHOPP Mandates 12/16/16 FTIP Adoption
Caltrans Highway Maintenance 12/16/16 FTIP Adoption
Caltrans Minor Program 12/16/16 FTIP Adoption
Non-Construction Activities
12/16/16 FTIP Adoption