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Passenger Rail & Bus Service
Thirty percent (30%) of the sales tax revenue generated is allocated for Passenger Rail and Bus Service. The objective of this category is to provide alternatives to the use of automobiles as a means of intercity and commute transportation. This is an important step in improving air quality in addition to enhancing the mobility of persons without access to private automobiles, the elderly and the handicapped population of San Joaquin County. It is the intent to use sales tax revenue to match and supplement state and federal funds.

The Passenger Rail & Bus Service category includes:
  • Multi-modal Stations i.e., facilities that accommodate both rail passenger and bus passenger service that allow connections to other forms of transportation such as car and van pools and commuter and intercity bus/rail service.
  • Passenger Rail are expenditures to promote and upgrade commuter rail service. Eligible costs include some operations, locomotives and passenger cars, track improvements, train and grade crossing controls.
  • Intercity and Elderly and Handicapped Transit promotes bus service between the cities within San Joaquin County for all trip purposes. Expenses for capital such as vehicles and some bus operations are eligible.
  • Commute Transit/Intra-city Service are bus programs to promote peak hour, commute service. These funds are used for park and ride lots, I-5 north-south express bus service, Rt. 99 express bus service between Lodi, Stockton, and Manteca; greater frequencies on existing peak hour routes, trip reduction programs to new employment centers and service to other counties. The San Joaquin Regional Transit District receives a minimum allocation of 50% for programs in this category.
  • Bicycle Allocations target commute facilities on separate rights of way but are available to all facility projects including recreational proposals.

Diane Nguyen 
Deputy Director - Planning, Programming, & Project Delivery
Ph: (209) 235-0442