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Congestion Relief
Thirty-two and one-half percent (32.5%) of the revenue generated in the Measure K program is allocated to regional capacity improvement projects and the Flexible Congestion Relief program which is available for enhancing and maintaining existing transportation facilities. Capacity improvement projects are those which add lanes to roadways. The cost of these congestion relief projects can include such items as traffic signals, curbs and gutters, shoulders, etc. as long as these costs are directly related to the project. The Flexible Congestion Relief program allows local jurisdictions to select projects that enhance or maintain existing transportation facilities. This can include widening or extending highways or streets, maintaining roads and streets, enhancing or maintaining transportation buildings and amenities (such as multi-modal stations or airport terminals), enhancing transit facilities, etc. The program is meant to be interpreted broadly and to give local jurisdictions discretion.

Diane Nguyen 
Deputy Director - Planning, Programming, & Project Delivery
Ph: (209) 235-0442