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About San Joaquin Council of Governments
The San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) is a joint-powers authority comprised of the County of San Joaquin and the cities of Stockton, Lodi, Manteca, Tracy, Ripon, Escalon, and Lathrop. SJCOG serves as the regional transportation planning agency, which provides a forum for regional decision-making on issues such as growth, transportation, environmental management, housing, open space, air quality, fiscal management, and economic development. SJCOG also takes a look at population statistics, airport land use, habitat and open space planning, and other regional issues.

SJCOG is overseen by a Board of Directors which makes allocations of funding to build transportation improvements. The board also establishes regional transportation policies and programs. Citizens, special or community interest groups, and other agencies are involved in the planning and approval process. Areas of public participation include SJCOG's committees and task forces as well as attending workshops or public forums and providing input on planning decisions.

Specific Roles of SJCOG
Some of the specific roles of the San Joaquin Council of Governments are described below:
  • Airports - State law requires all counties with public use airports to establish an Airport Land Use Commission. SJCOG serves the region as the Airport Land Use Commission to assure that surrounding land uses are compatible with the airports, based on the Federal Aviation Administration’s recommended height, noise and safety rules.
  • Census Data and Statistics - SJCOG serves as the Census Data Center for San Joaquin County. The agency receives, compiles, and dispenses the latest information on population, employment, business, and income characteristics.
  • Collaborative Decision-Making - SJCOG brings together the community through forums, retreats, legislative trips, and public meetings to tackle priority issues for the region.
  • Commute Connection - To help commuters make the transition from driving alone to a convenient ride-share option, the SJCOG operates Commute Connection. The program offers commuter matching and employer outreach services and promotes carpooling, bicycling, van-pooling and public transit.
  • Freeway Service Patrol - Operated by SJCOG with Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol, the program offers free motorist assistance on Interstate 205. SJCOG currently is providing FSP during the construction of highway projects on Interstate 5 and Highway 99. Tow trucks patrol these routes, assisting disabled vehicles in order to reduce congestion and increase traffic safety.
  • Funding - Working closely with its member agencies, SJCOG makes funding decisions to design and build transportation projects throughout the region.
  • Habitat - This is a plan to protect, preserve, and promote the region. SJCOG oversees the habitat and open space conservation plan for San Joaquin County. SJCOG brings together interested parties to examine issues related to development, agriculture, public plans and endangered species.
  • Measure K - SJCOG administers the local transportation sales tax program, better known as Measure K. San Joaquin voters approved the ½ cent sales tax to finance a specific list of transportation improvement projects/programs which cover a wide range of maintenance, roadway improvement, bicycle/pedestrian, and transit needs.
  • Regional Transportation - Regional transportation planning is a major function of SJCOG. As the state-designated Regional Transportation Planning Agency and the federally-designated Metropolitan Planning Organization, SJCOG prepares regional plans, programs, applications, and studies.

Mission Statement
The mission of SJCOG is to partner with local governments, the private sector, and community groups as the forum, facilitator, and administrator of regional programs, and to advocate for regional and inter-regional issues in the development of a comprehensive strategy to achieve resolutions.