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The Measure K program is administered by the San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) as the local transportation authority for San Joaquin County. SJCOG was established as the local transportation authority when San Joaquin County voters approved the enactment of the Measure K program in 1990. A local transportation authority is a public agency designation authorized by California state law that enables SJCOG to collect the half-cent sales tax and use the money to fund a specific list of transportation projects and programs as outlined in the Measure K Expenditure Plan.
Ordinance & Expenditure Plan
The Measure K Ordinance & Expenditure Plan identifies the countywide transportation facility and service improvements to be delivered by the extension of the existing half-cent sales tax in San Joaquin County from 2011 to 2041. These improvements include highway, public transit, railroad grade crossing, passenger rail, smart growth, and bicycle projects. The Expenditure Plan specifically defines the categorical allocations of the sales tax revenues by transportation mode or facility and identifies the individual projects and programs to be funded under each category. Additionally, the Expenditure Plan outlines the distribution of all categorical allocations between the local jurisdictions within the county.

2016 Measure K Ordinance & Expenditure Plan

Strategic Plan
The Measure K Strategic Plan serves as the programming document for local sales tax revenue generated by the Measure K  Program. The Strategic Plan will be the master document for delivery of the Measure K Expenditure Plan projects. The adoption of the Strategic Plan constitutes the basis from which Measure K funds will be disbursed for specific projects identified in the Measure K Expenditure Plan, the timing of disbursements of those funds, and the proportionate share or absolute value of the Measure K program.

cover for 2017 Measure K Strategic Plan     mk strategic plan cover-append.jpg

Diane Nguyen 
Deputy Director - Planning, Programming, & Project Delivery
Ph: (209) 235-0442