Valley Voice

Valley Voice is a coalition of elected officials and COG staff throughout the San Joaquin Valley who travel to Sacramento and Washington, D.C. annually to present issues of regional significance to federal and state legislators. Coordination is led by the Valley Legislative Affairs Committee (VLAC), which is comprised of one staff member from the eight COGs which make up the San Joaquin Valley Regional Policy Council.

State Program - Sacramento
The Valley Voice delegation will be traveling to our state capitol on March 7, 2018 to advocate on behalf of the San Joaquin Valley. The 2018 platform is under development and will be posted here as it is available. View the 2017 State Legislative Platform.

Federal Program - Washington, D.C.
The Valley Voice delegation traveled to our nation's capitol on September 6-7, 2017 to advocate on behalf of the San Joaquin Valley. View the 2017 Federal Legislative Platform. 

Annual Policy Conference

The Annual San Joaquin Valley Regional Policy Conference is a forum that provides an excellent avenue for our Valley to communicate on regional issues that impact the entire San Joaquin Valley region. Issues such as transportation, air quality and state and federal advocacy for community priorities are discussed at this annual conference.  

The 12th Annual Policy Conference was held March 8-10, 2017 in Fresno, CA. View the conference details.