Arts and Culture

Stockton mural

Art takes many forms. From school plays to professional productions, from art exhibits to pop-up street painters, San Joaquin County is filled with art of all shapes and sizes.  A few exhibits are The Sycamore in Stockton that displays different art venues and a plethora of bars and cafes that host open mic nights. Stockton also has the Stockmarket, a craft and artisan fair, the Grand Theater Center for the Arts in Tracy, and more.


The San Joaquin region has an abundant music scene. During the summer, the region teems with music events including Music in the Park (Stockton), the Grape Festival (Lodi), the Asparagus festival (Stockton), the Greek Festival (Stockton), the California Dry Bean festival (Tracy) and many more.


San Joaquin County is rich in history, and local museums are renowned places to experience this history, including the Haggin Museum, Field Aviation Museum, and Children’s Museum in Stockton, and The San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum.