1. Citizens Advisory Committee

    The Citizens Advisory Committee provides community input on project priorities and other matters pertaining to the Measure K program.

  2. Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee is made up of five SJCOG Board members and generally reviews selected agenda items and submits a recommendation to the COG Board.

  3. Habitat Technical Advisory Committee

    The Habitat Technical Advisory Committee is responsible for verifying that the SJMSCP is being implemented correctly and for solving any issues that arise during implementation.

  4. Interagency Transit Committee

    The Interagency Transit Committee was created to improve communication and coordination among the transit agencies within the San Joaquin County.

  5. Management & Finance Advisory Committee

    The Management and Finance Advisory Committee guides administrative and financial decisions of SJCOG as the Local Transportation Authority and is composed of city managers and the county administrator.

  6. Project Delivery Committee

    The PDC is a subcommittee of the Board of Directors and guides policies transportation programming recommendations, and monitors project delivery.

  7. RTP/SCS Working Group

    The RTP/SCS working group meets monthly to discuss a county wide strategies to meet community goals for coordinated transportation and land use.

  8. Social Services Transportation Advisory Committee

    The purpose of the SSTAC is to monitor and promote improvements to those public transportation services for persons with disabilities and seniors residing in San Joaquin County.

  9. Technical Advisory Committee

    The Technical Advisory Committee serves as SJCOG's technical advisory committee.

  10. Valley Wide Coordination

    SJCOG is a member of the San Joaquin Valley Regional Planning Agencies (RTPAs), which was established to discuss and bring regional consensus on issues of Valley importance.